I am Wing-Yee Lee. I have multiple “ee’s” in my name that it’s hard to say it without smiling;
and that’s exactly the reaction most of my art provokes! Most of my time, I create doodles. Other times, I eat noodles. I illustrates, paint, decorate parties and make fun things.

With years of experience and keen sense of illustration, design, and creation, utilizing multiple forms of media, I love infusing my quirky sense of humor and style into all of my works and installations. My Goal is to live love and joy through my work.


Where the ideas came from?
my head…and also inspired through life, and all the awesome people I meet.

Where did I learn to draw?
I’ve had a knack for drawing since my younger years in Hong Kong. I haven’t stopped since. I attended Pasadena City College and graduated from Otis College of Art and Design, both in California, molding my own style all the while. My main influences are comic books, illustration, animation, famous historic paintings, and certain works of street art… I draw (pun intended) inspiration from a slew of sources. Just take a look at my paintings on the portfolio page, and you’ll see what I mean!

Why do I like noodles?
Cause they wiggle! And they’re easy to make, yummy to taste, and fun to eat! Everyone loves food and I’m no exception. Check out the foodie page for some of my better recipe, restaurant and spirit experiences I’ve had.

Is this my real name?
Yes. My full name is “Yolanda Wing-Yee “Yo-Yo” Shum Lee.” Try saying it really quick for 11 times in 11 seconds. Good Luck will follow you.

So, what else do I do?
Flamenco Dance! I love to dance. Its the best way to learn about what is good about life.

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